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Network Access Control

Connecting to the wireless network

For assistance in connecting to the wireless network please visit this page.

How to authenticate your device

Once you have connected a device to a wireless or wired connection on campus, you will need to register your device through our Network Access Control system to connect to the Internet.

For a Computer (Windows / Mac / Linux)

The simplest way to authenticate most devices is to head to an off-site page like This should redirect your browser to an authentication page.

For a phone or tablet (Self-Registration)

If your device does not have a browser (like a Game Console) or if for some other reason, the redirect did not work, you may register your device at the self registration page.

The links for self registration are listed below:

  • Login and click the "Add" button in the "Devices" list.

  • Enter the MAC Address for your device and a description of the device.

    • For iPhone / iPad this is listed as "Wi-Fi Address" in Settings -> General -> About

    • For Android devices, this is listed as "Wi-Fi MAC Address" in Settings -> About Phone -> Status

    • For Consoles and other devices, please refer to your user manual.


If you are still are unable to register your device, please call the helpdesk at 855-376-4860.