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GoPrint is:

A program set up to reduce the amount of paper usage, toner cartridges, printer service calls to computer labs on campus. During 2008, studies were conducted in the two most highly used computer labs, the Library (public area and computer lab), and Thomas Hall. It was determined that something needed to be done.

Some of the main concerns about printing were:

The amount of paper being used:

  • Webpages printed and not retrieved
  • Reams of paper being printed with garbled material
  • Printed copies never picked up.
  • The number of Toner cartridges being used.
  • The number of service calls for printer repairs.
  • The need to provide an adequate printing environment in all campus labs.
  • The need to discourage waste from a few students in order that the majority have their needs fulfilled.

An Alternate Approach

After the Survey was complete it was decided that an alternate approach was needed which would be of benefit to all. Issues that were kept in mind were: Greening the Campus, saving money for the college and for the campus. Turning from being a throw-away campus to an Environmentally Conscious Campus was a concern to all. Yet, we wanted to make sure we didn't generate a new cost to the students.

The advantages of GoPrint are:

  • Saves the Environment
  • Saves the College
  • Creates an Awareness of paper use
  • Helps Green our world

Directions for using GoPrint on a lab machine.

How GoPrint works

  • Each student will be allotted 500 Black & White pages to print on their student ID card.
  • You will login to computers with your email name & password: ex. Login: Abc001 Password: xly123
  • IMPORTANT - you must log off each time after you finish, or another person's print jobs could be logged onto your card.
  • When you print, you will print to a print queue attached to a print release station located on each floor of the Library.
  • Thomas Lab is different. There are no print release stations. There will be a web release client in the toolbar (bottom right). Students will click it, then login with username & password. REMEMBER to Log out each time!!!

For more information on using GoPrint, visit the Windows FAQ or the Mac FAQ or call the helpdesk at x4860.