Frequently Asked Questions

Email and Account Changes

Why Was I Locked Out of My Account?

From 9/30/2019 to 10/4/2019, we will be running a process that will force you to change your password in order to regain access to your email account. You will no longer be able to use past passwords, and the minimum password requirements will be increased. You will be locked out of your account until you change your password.

How do I change My Password?

To change your password, go to the Account Credentials Page.

Why do I Need to Change My Password?

Weak passwords are getting compromised, so we must increase our requirements. To help give you an idea of current trends, see below for the cracking time frames for passwords with current cracking tools and processing power:

This applies across all services so consider this information when you set a password for your bank, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, etc...

I Changed My Password, But Now My Device is Not Accepting the New Password

This can happen when your device's email client has not reflected recently made changes to your account. You should give your email client at least 30 minutes to update.

To verify that your password has been updated, please go to Outlook Web and login using the new account credentials.

Are Other Countries Still Restricted?

No, the restriction bought us time to resolve compromised accounts and prepare for the upcoming changes. After a day, the compromised logins started coming through remote services like VPN to continue accessing compromised email accounts from US locations. Essentially, we stalled this activity temporarily to get our heads above water. The geolocation blocking also caused accounts to be unavailable while using cell data services on mobile phones. Blocking external countries is no longer a needed or effective measure.

You no longer need to tell us when you will be traveling abroad.

Can I Still Use Third Party Mail Clients?

No, Microsoft is ending protocols that allow basic authentication: POP, IMAP, EWS, EAS, and RPS. Older mail clients will no longer work when this happens. Given our current circumstance, we decided to move forward with stopping these protocols now. Only Outlook on the web, Outlook on the desktop, and the Outlook App for phones will be supported. Other modern mail apps on phones may continue to function, but it is not guaranteed. If you experience problems with your mail on your phone or Mac after the change, then visit your app store and install the Outlook App or use the web-based version.

Microsoft Office/ Outlook

How do I download Office or Outlook for free on Windows or Mac PC?

Click Here and sign in with your Marietta College email address. Then, find the button in the upper right hand corner to install Office

How do I download Office or Outlook for free on my mobile device?

Click on the following links for getting Office or Outlook on...


Dorm Wireless Connection

  1. Use Wi-Fi Settings to connect to the 'Marietta College' network
  2. Enter your username and password (Use your myMarietta credentials - example abc001)
  3. Be sure to check the box for 'Remember this network'
  4. For Android devices you may also need to choose Do not validate under CA Certificate
  5. For Apple IOS devices you may also need to select Trust to continue

For devices that will not connect to Marietta College please use MC Gaming

Devices with known issues include:

The password for MC Gaming is marietta (all lowercase).


How to Release a Print

  1. Print your file to '\\mcprint\ricohprinters'. You can release your print at ANY Ricoh copier on campus.
  2. Touch the copier screen to wake it up.
  3. Swipe your ID card over the scanner.
  4. Select Print Release on the copier screen.
  5. Select the job you wish to print, and tap Print.
  6. Click 'Log Off' or swipe your card again to log off.

How to Scan to Email

  1. Touch the copier screen to wake it up.
  2. Swipe your ID card over the scanner.
  3. Tap 'Scan'
  4. Note that your email address is prepopulated.
  5. Load your documents into the top feeder tray with the text facing up.
  6. If the document is double-sided, tap 'Settings' and choose 2-Sided.
  7. Tap 'Scan'
  8. Click 'Log Off' or swipe your card again to log off.

How to Make a Copy or Print from USB

  1. Touch the copier screen to wake it up.
  2. Swipe your ID card over the scanner.
  3. Tap 'Copy/Fax/USB Print'.
  4. Tap 'OK'
  5. Choose your copy settings.
  6. Tap 'Copy'
  7. Click 'Log Off' or swipe your card again to log off.