11 Tips to Mitigate Cheating in Moodle quizzes

  1. Proctor the exam

  2. Provide an Academic Honesty question at the start of every exam (does not have to count in the exam point total)

  3. Pull questions randomly from a bank of questions

  4. Shorten the time limit for students to take the quiz – 45/50 seconds per M/C T/F question suggested

  5. On unproctored tests, present questions one at a time (makes it harder to photograph the questions)

  6. Allow for more than one answer choice on multiple choice questions

  7. Shuffle the order of the questions for every student (this does not have to be done on the entire quiz; you can shuffle 'sections' of the test)

  8. Shuffle the order of the answers for every student (beware of using 'all of the above' as a response – rather use 'all of these')

  9. Decrease the amount of M/C and T/F questions you use (beware many other question types require manual grading)

  10. Set tight exam open and exam close dates

  11. Change the default Navigation Method option. Free navigation (default) allows students to backtrack to previously answered questions, while Sequential does not allow students to go back to previous questions, even if they are unanswered. Sequential is more secure, as the setting does not allow students to use extra time to copy questions, but students may not be used to this behavior and should be notified before attempting the quiz.