Play Station 4

    1. Turn on your PlayStation 4.

    2. Scroll over to the settings and press X to select the Toolbox icon.

    3. Scroll down and select Network in the options.

    4. Select the Set Up Internet Connection option in this menu.

    5. Choose the Use WiFI option on the screen.

    6. Select the CUSTOM option.

    7. Select Wi-Fi Network “MC Streaming”

    8. The next several settings should be left at default, continue through until the “Test Connection” button appears.

    9. Select the Test Internet Connection button.

    10. When the internet connection check says failed, don't panic! Select the Details option.

    11. Next, Select the Suggested Actions button, then select the View Status of the PlayStation Network Services button to access a web browser window.

    12. It may tell you that the security of the page cannot be verified, select Yes to move on to the next page.

    13. You will now see a browser window with the sign-in page. Sign in using your myMarietta Credentials to register your device.

    14. Once that has connected press the Back button twice to get back to the network screen.

    15. Scroll down to, and select Test Internet Connection to verify you are connected.