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Freshman Laptop Setup

Pick Up and General Info

The laptop pick-up is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th, from noon to 4:00 p.m. in The Gathering Place (where you had your PioSOAR event this summer). Make sure you bring your student ID and your cell phone. You will need to scan a QR code in order to register your device.

There are two different models to choose from:

  • Dell Latitude 3120: 2in1; 4 GB of RAM; 128 GB SSD; Windows 10 Pro; Intel 11th Gen Celeron; 11.6” touchscreen (brand new, smaller and sleeker, lighter, more storage)
  • HP Z Book 15G3: 16 GB of RAM; 465 GB Hard drive; Windows 10 Pro; Intel Core i7 – 2.70 GHZ; 15”screen (slightly used, larger, heavier, more memory, better for Graphic Design or Science majors)

Please note, you must complete one full academic year in order to keep the laptop, or return it to IT if you leave before that timeframe. The laptops are your personal devices, so they only have the manufacturer’s warranty. If the laptop is lost, stolen or broken, the College will not replace it. Marietta’s IT Department will provide its best effort of support for all your personal devices.

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Initial Setup: Wi-Fi and Account Profile

HP Laptop: Z Book

  • Windows is already set up and it will turn on with an account named User with no password.
  • You can connect to the Marietta College Wi-Fi using your MC email username and password.
  • You can customize the laptop as you like (change the user accounts, install software, etc...) then proceed to installing MS Office button above.

Dell Laptop: Latitude 3120

  • Windows will start up and begin asking you for your preferences on language, region, and keyboard layouts. Select your preferences through the screens.
  • One of the screens will prompt you to connect to the network. Sign on to the Marietta College Wi-Fi and make sure the "Connect Automatically" box is checked.
  • Continue on and accept the Accept the Windows License Agreement.
  • Then select "Set up for Personal Use" and click Next.
  • In the lower left-hand corner, select "Offline Account" and on the next screen in the same corner, select "Limited Experience", then you'll be prompted to create a Username for your PC. Many people user thier first names or something generic like Owner or User.
  • You are given the option to set a password on the next screen.
  • The remaining screens will allow you to select your privacy settings and more customizations. Set your preferences and continue until you get to the Windows 11 upgrade screen.
  • Note Windows 11 Upgrade: we have not tested Windows 11 yet and don't have an opinion at this time so go with what you are comfortable with. If you want to try Windows 11, we have no reason to believe you'll experience any difficulty with software compatability. It is good to know that in the past the free upgrades expired and became required purchases usually after a couple of years. This offer is fairly recent so there is time to make this choice. The campus lab computers are all currently Windows 10.
  • Windows will finish building your profile (takes a few minutes so grab a beverage) or upgrade to Windows 11 according to your choices.
  • Once you see the normal Windows desktop, you can proceed to customize the laptop as you like and continue with the installing MC Office button above.

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