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What is MalwareBytes?

MalwareBytes is an Anti-Malware program intended to augment, not replace an AntiVirus.  The main MalwareBytes program has been available since 2008.

Why has Marietta College installed MalwareBytes on college owned machines?

MalwareBytes was chosen to circumvent new threats that are not detected by traditional AntiVirus software like the Cryptolocker ransomware.

Isn't my AntiVirus Enough?

NO.  Malicious software (also known as Malware) comes in many forms.  MalwareBytes will find "infections" that your AntiVirus may not, like:

  • Rogue Security Software
  • Browser Toolbars
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • RootKits
  • Keyloggers
  • Potentially Unwanted Programs

In addition, MalwareBytes has also traditionally been faster in stopping new threats (such as the aforementioned Cryptolocker).

MalwareBytes Pro

MalwareBytes Pro uses the same signatures that are found in the free version of MalwareBytes (the version of the software that may have been used by IT to clean your infected machine).  The additional features that MalwareBytes Pro offers above the free version are:

  • Realtime Protection (just like your antivirus)
  • Automatic Updates
  • Malicious Website Blocking

A 14 day free trial of MalwareBytes Pro is also available as part of the free MalwareBytes application.


MalwareBytes Pro is usually available for about $25 for a one year license for up to 3 PCs, but students and employees can get a 20% discount with a special link.  To be sent the link, please type your address in the box below and click the button that says "Send Me The Link".

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