Severe Weather

Severe Weather Policies

In the event that the weather becomes severe enough to warrant any action, the college community will be contacted by the EOC. A message will also be sent to Marietta College via Pioneer Alert. Staff should monitor TV and radio broadcasts throughout the warning and listen for any further instructions.

If a severe weather warning is communicated to designated staff, all available staff in the building should coordinate their efforts to inform all occupants of the impending weather and take the following precautions:

Tornado Alert

The following tornado alert procedures have been set forth as the best safety measures for the campus of Marietta College.

Periodically, in the spring, summer and fall in this area of the country, weather conditions are such that a tornado becomes possible. When such conditions exist, the local weather bureau issues appropriate severe weather bulletins. When it is probable that a storm will strike Marietta, Marietta College Police will inform the individuals about the weather alert.

The procedure calls for the following actions on the part of the residents:
  1. Leave the rooms and proceed to the lowest area of the building with the least number of windows.
  2. Take items to cover yourself and protect them you from debris.
  3. Make sure doors are closed.
  4. Stay away from glass and windows. Do not stare out the windows.
  5. Windows should be closed, if possible.
  6. Keep talking and noise down to a minimum so that instructions can be heard.
  7. Remain calm at all times.


Safe Spots:

Under heavy furniture like a study table or desk, under interior door frames, or braced in an interior corner away from shelves and windows.

Danger Spots

Windows, glass, mirrors and mirrored closet doors, hanging objects, tall unsecured furniture.

During the Quake:
  1. Keep calm. Do not run or panic!
  2. Remain where you are indoors, outdoors, or in a car.
  3. Immediately get under a desk or table, brace yourself in a doorway or brace yourself in a corner away from windows, mirrors and glass. Tell others in the area to take cover if they have not already done so.
  4. Wait a few moments after the shaking stops before leaving your cover.
  5. If you are outside, move away from the sides of the buildings, power poles, lampposts, and walls.
After the Quake:
  1. Take time to think! Do not run outside. Wait until you are sure all motion has stopped.
  2. Do not light a match or turn on a light switch. There may be leaking gas or electrical shorts. At night, use a flashlight. Unplug or turn off all appliances.
  3. Wear shoes for protection from debris or broken glass. Open doors and cupboards with caution as objects may fall out.
  4. Check immediate area for injured persons and go to their first aid. Think about other people who are missing or may be trapped and try to find them.
  5. Check for fires, spills, or other hazards. Do not touch power lines, wiring, or objects in contact with them. Do not be surprised if alarms sound.
  6. Evacuate if there is immediate danger.
  7. Report serious injuries or hazards to Marietta College Police.
  8. Be prepared for unpredictable aftershocks, which cause significant additional damage.
  9. Don’t go sightseeing to see what other damage has been done in other parts of the community.
  10. Tune to the radio for accurate information about the earthquake and what to do.
  11. Leave telephone lines open for disaster services.
  12. Use extreme caution in entering or moving about damaged buildings.


The following procedures will be in effect whenever a Flood Watch, Flood Warning or Flash Flood Warning is issued for the Marietta area:

When Marietta College Police receives accurate information, whether by WTAP, Weather Channel, NOAA radio, or Law enforcement they will:

  1. Notify the Chief of Marietta College Police, or in his absence the Sergeant
  2. Chief will notify the Campus
  3. Marietta College Police officer on duty will monitor streams
  4. Marietta College Police officer will update the Chief and the Director of the conditions
  1. Notify the Chief, or in his absence the Sergeant
  2. Chief will notify the Campus
  3. A Pioneer Alert will be sent.
  4. Marietta College Police will cone off flooded areas to prevent anyone from driving through them until danger has passed